Shawn Shadow of 1027TM helps lawyers and entrepreneurs choose and build trademark and copyright value by employing his law school foundation and over 20-years expertise.

1027TM’s services encompass far more than just the mechanics of docketing. Shawn understands trademarks, what makes them strong, what makes them vulnerable, how they get examined around the world. He also brings an organic understanding of the process from selection to filing to registration and beyond. Shawn can search and analyze potential marks, prepare U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and World Intellectual Property Office trademark forms, and automate and manage docketing and maintenance reminders. He also brings to the table his long-standing relationships with reputable, reliable and cost effective trademark firms around the world.

Shawn is law school educated and spent over 20 years working for intellectual property firms in the Midwest. Contact him today at sshadow@1027tm.com or by calling 810-357-1225.