Shawn Shadow of 1027TM helps law firms and entrepreneurs develop strong, prestigious brands by building trust, creating worth-driven trademarking strategies and forging long-term relationships.

He wants to help your law practice or business grow by becoming your strategic trademark partner, and adding his knowledge and talents to yours.

1027TM offers far more than docketing. Shawn Shadow of 1027TM understands trademarks, what makes them strong, what makes them vulnerable, and how they’re examined around the world. He also brings an organic understanding of the process from selection to filing, to registration and beyond. Shawn can search and analyze potential marks, design goods and services language, trademark filings, audit trademark portfolios for gaps, and automate and manage deadline reporting and reminders. He also brings to the table long-standing relationships with reputable, reliable and cost-effective trademark firms around the world.

Shawn is law school educated and spent over 20 years working for intellectual property firms in the Midwest. Contact him today at sshadow@1027tm.com or by calling 810-357-1225.



1027TM, LLC is a proud member of
INTA, the International Trademark Association