• Preliminary Screening (Knock-Out) Searches
  • Full Use and Registrability Search Review and Analysis
  • International Search Coordination and Analysis


  • Goods and Services Language Design and Analysis
  • Form Preparation (From Beginning to Registration)
  • Prosecution

Portfolio Management and Maintenance

  • Docketing
  • Deadline, Maintenance and Renewal Reminders
  • Gap Filling Audits
  • Portfolio Audits


  • Arranging and Managing International Applications
  • Docketing
  • Managing and Maintaining International Registrations
  • Coordination of International Law Firm Relationships

Watching and Enforcement

  • Analysis of Watch Service Results
  • Domestic Mark Watches
  • Deadline Docketing, Notifications and Reminders
  • U.S. Opposition and Cancellation Pleadings Preparation