The Knock-Out Search

How can a knock-out search help you meet your branding goals? It can help identify potential problems before significant capital is spent toward using or registering a mark. While limited, a knock-out search is the perfect first (and generally inexpensive) step toward determining the mark best suited for use with and on your products or services.

1027TM uses the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s own trademark database to perform knock-out searches for its clients. With many years of experience, 1027TM designs individualized search strategies with the goal of obtaining the best results for its clients.

Be sure, though, that knock-out searches won’t find everything. They don’t capture state and local trademarks or look at common law uses, and they don’t include Internet searches. The best use of the knock-out search is to narrow down potential brand candidates. Once you select the best choice(s), move on to full use and registrability searches. These more comprehensives searches provide a significantly broader view of the risks associated with a particular trade- or service mark.